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qod 8-28

How did you end up in the career you are currently in?
"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"

Re: qod 8-28

  • On accident. My MOH's SIL asked if MOH knew anyone like me who was looking for a job. MOH said, well, Mailyn IS looking for a job. I had an interview, I was 17 and a senior in HS, and they didn't hire me.  :(  Two weeks later, they called me in for another interview. They asked if I was still interest, I said yes. One of the partners asked when I could start, I asked when they needed me, he said 2 weeks ago! 

    They didn't think I would last 2 months. December 20, 2013 will be my 9th year anniversary.
  • I used to work in banking as a wire transfer investigator. But jobs kept being sent overseas and I was laid off. They offered retraining through the state for those who lost their jobs, so I took them up on the offer. I figured nurse can't be outsourced to India, so I picked nursing school. I absolutely love being a nurse. I really think it was divine intervention.
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  • I sort of fell into it. I started working for an attorney in college because I needed a job. So when I graduated college with no idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up, I stayed in this field but moved to a bigger firm. It pays well and the work is somewhat interesting so I'm happy for now.
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  • My parents own their own business and just about every summer since I was 11 I had to go work. I wasn't allowed to stay home by myself when I could go help up there. Then when I was in high school it became my after school job plus still working summers and of course throughout college. In college I did have other jobs like retail, a property management office, and a nanny for a little while. Usually during this time I worked both jobs. After college I just kind of stayed there because H and I were getting married and it would give me more planning time and since then I just haven't left. I have been there almost 15 years total!
  • I was a tour guide in college mixed with a communications degree, I loved my job and my bosses and they took me under their wing and let me intern in the admissions office. I learned so much and got a job very quickly and been here ever since for 8 years. I am currently looking to move on but to stay in higher ed in some way. Admissions is a little stressful for me! 
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • I went to school for Arts Admin, graduated, and then the stock market crashed so it was really hard to get a job. I eventually found one 3 hours away from home as a Management/Development Assistant in a theater. I worked their for three years making my way up to a Development Services Manager and I was completely burnt out! So I moved to social services and I like it a lot more! I've been in my current job as Development Director for over 3 years. Now H & I are quietly trying to move back closer to home.

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  • I always knew I wanted to be in a helping profession, I find purpose in helping people. I NEVER imagined I would be working in a homeless shelter. After doing overseas volunteer work I came back to Canada and knew I needed to turn my experiences and passions into money, so I went back to school to get the paper to justify the social services as I wasn't sure yet if a year BSW would get me a job I wanted...little did I know with a diploma you can pretty much only work in a youth program or a shelter, and all the youth programs require 2 years experience...for some reason they don't recognize 6 years overseas working with children and youth to be relevant so I took the first job I could find and here I am working in a homeless shelter. Hopefully will do my 2 years here and then either find a new job with youth or children and/or go back to school get my BSW and become an adoption worker for the province.
  • After realizing halfway through student teaching that it wasn't what I wanted anymore, I was lost. Then my relationship of 5 years ended and I was left with a ton of debt and no idea where to go from there.

    My aunt took me out to breakfast and I agreed to sign up for a course through the towns adult ed program. I chose beginners accounting because I figured if I sucked it was obviously the subject matter, not me.

    The next thing you know, I was working ahead of the class, and realized maybe I was on to something.

    The day care I was working at used a company to do their payroll, and I commented on how many representatives we had worked with over the years. One of the mothers said she used to work there, went down the list, and over 90% of the reps had been promoted. So, I applied. And the rest is history. After 7+ years there, I left to be the payroll manager for a private company. I never saw this coming, but couldn't be happier.


    After 2 years of TTC, lots of tests, and a Hysteroscopy/Laparoscopy to remove several polyps,
    Clomid/IUI #1 3/14: cancelled due to surprise BFP 3/8/14.
    Beta 1 3/11: 398  Beta 2 3/13: 728  Beta 3 3/20: 11,482 
    Surprise BFP turns into Surprise Twins! 

    Zoey and Garrett born 10/24/14 at 36+3


  • I'm always late on these QODs.

    I went to school and got my BS in geology, loved it. But was looking for either a job in geology or a MS or PhD program in geology and had meltdown after meltdown thinking about any of it. I was VP of our geology club and always volunteered to do stuff, one day I had volunteered to lead a Boy Scout troop to their geology badge. I had a blast, the kids had a blast, and one of my friends suggested I do education (this was about 3 weeks before I graduated with my BS). At first I laughed at them, but when I really thought about it, I realized I'd be really good at it and I would love it. I got excited about it, instead of panicking which was a good sign :-)

    I'm still in school trying to get my License + Masters, but meanwhile I work at a daycare center and LOVE IT. I applied to the company with the intention of volunteering with my H in something random, I had no clue. Til I saw the daycare teacher position for one of their subsidiaries and I got the job and was promoted about 4 months later :-)
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