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GTKY: Best Friends

Other than your H, how long have you known your best friend? Is it a girl or a guy and how did you meet?

Re: GTKY: Best Friends

  • My bestie I've known since highschool. We were juniors and we worked together at burger king. That was 1994. He and I have gone thru a ton a crap together through the years. H is still not quite sure how to behave around him. He's gay and H was raised in a very anti gay, racist household. Thankfully H didn't agree with those views.
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    I have three best friends, one I've know since she was born (she's 4 years younger than me) the other two I've known for about 15 years. We met in Maine. We all have summer houses in the same area and our families are friends too.


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  • Well since I was raised in the air force I had to move away from my best friends. :( so sad

     We still talk on FB but not normal 'best friends' as in getting to see each other every week. If we still lived in the same town we would have been best friends since the 4th grade. But my best friend now, we have known each other for 4 years.


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  • One of my best friends is my cousin I have known her since she was born since she is younger. Another I met in high school in 2003.. And another I met in college in my sorority in 2008. All girls! Although I do have a really good friends and at one point we were best friends who is a gay guy and he really is amazing but due to life we have moved apart a little since we are in different points in life right now.
  • I met them both in college. Now one lives on the other side of the state and the other lives on the other side of the country, but we still chat regularly. 

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  • I've known my best friend for 9 years now. We met when I was 17 and we were both working as counselors at the same summer camp.
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  • I really have a great big group of girlfriends, I been in the same area for all my life so it was easy. I have two from gradeschool, one from highschool, two from college and other from meeting my H. Her H is my H's bestfriend and we grown so close and I def consider her one of the best people I ever met.  My mom always tells me Im the only person she knows with 20 best friends haha but Im an only child and I think I really missed out on not having siblings so I made sure i had good friends. 
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  • My 3 best girlfriends I met my first year of highschool. So, 2001. The 3 of them have known each other since they were like 6, and then I met them in 2001. It's amazing. I couldn't imagine better girlfriends.
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  • I have two. One I've known since I was 4. We used to live across the street from each other.

    The other I've known since I was a freshman in high school. We were in the same English class freshman year.

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  • My "Best friend" I have known since the day (after) she was born. Our dad's were BFF's in collage and we were living in a housing co-op next door to each other at the time. So we grew up more like sisters then BFF's.

    But My CLOSEST friend I met in grade 10, and she is the one I tell everything to and still hang out with on a regular basis.

  • I have 1 BFF I have known her since I can remember we went to the same church and our parents went to school together. She has always been there to support me no matter what. She is the most caring and understanding person I know (besides H). We have just always been there for each other we both have been threw bad relationships. In her wedding I was the maid of honor and at mine she was the matron of honor. The thing I love is that even if we havent seen each other in forever we start right where we left off. Never any awkward moments.

  • I have 3 BFFs. One I have known my whole life, but it wasn't until our senior year of high school that we actually became close. One I have also known my whole life, but it wasn't until I was in my second year of college that we became close. And one I met my freshman year of high school, but we didn't become close until my sophomore year of college.
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  • I don't really have a 'best' friend. I am lucky enough to have several closer friends- one or two from my different experiences. Like @kushie77, I have known one of them since we were 16 working at the rink together. We have stayed very close, and both of our families were not so secretly hoping we would end up together- until we met our spouses!

    I have a couple of best friends from college, my RA and roommate from freshman year.

    I worked at a summer camp for years, so I havea couple of best friends from there thati stay in touch with. (@Mona8 what camp did you work at?) One of them I had known since I was 5, but we didn't become closer until camp, but I know they would drop everything if I needed them.

    And of course, my girls. We all worked together at my previous job. Now only 2 of the 5 of us work there. One of them ended up being my roommate for years, and we all still get together regularly. They were all there for me when H and I almost broke up, 4 years ago, but still think he walks on water, anyway. Haha. I love them.

    I really can't rank them, because they are all such awesome friends.


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  • I have two. An oldie and a newbie. My one best friend we've been Besties since 7th grade, even though we went to the same school in 4-6 grades, we didn't become friends til we went to middle school. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding. My new best friend I've only known since January, but I feel like we've known each other for years. It's a shame we weren't friends til after the wedding cuz I would have loved to have her stand next to me, or even get to invite her! We have a different kind of relationship than my old BFF cuz my new BFF is married with two girls and her H and my H are Besties too. They are just the epitome of perfect couple friends, family friends when me and H have kids.
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