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GTKY- 8/23

What was the make, model and color of your first car? Why did you get rid of it?

Re: GTKY- 8/23

  • My first car was a 1997 Cutlass Supreme in RED! I got rid of it because I had put more money into it that I paid for it and I totally lost it when the gear shift cable broke. For 4 months, it sat in neutral with the e-brake on and the key stuck in the ignition. Yuck! I sold it for like $400.
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    Chili Pepper Red Jeep Wrangler....named Bessie.

    I had this Jeep from age 16-28 and had to let "her" go last summer when the frame rot was beyond repair. I cried like a baby because I didn't want to say goodbye...I practically grew up in that vehicle and has so many amazing memories in it.


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  • 1999 black Pontiac Grand Am. None of the windows or the sun roof worked anymore and it started costing me more in repairs than it was worth.

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  • My first car was a 1984 Ford Escort hatchback in "khaki" (tan, but I liked calling it khaki). It had belonged to my grandmother's upstairs neighbor, and they driven it down from Alaska! It was a 4 speed stick shift, no power anything or AC, and the gas gauge didn't work. I drove it for a few years and finally got rid of it because it burned oil and was rotted. I was thrilled to see that piece of crap go.
  • The first car I bought for myself (in 2006) was a 2007 blue Chevy Cobalt. I still drive it today and I've definitely but it through the ringer. I'd say hitting the piece of plywood was the highlight of this cars life so far. It's a fairly decent car, I wouldn't buy one again but I'll be driving this one until it craps out on me which I am hoping isn't for another couple of years. I like not having a car payment!
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  • 1986 Chevy Camero, it was purple with t-tops. It was totaled when a drunk a-hole drove the wrong way down our one way street one night and took out 10 parked cars. Mine, my mom and my brother all got our cars totaled that night. :((
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  • 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer in silver. In theory it was a a great car like Fast and the Furious type car but not suped up at all. I put that car through hell and just got rid of it last year. I hit a friend of mines truck and had a square in my front bumper for years from the trailer hitch. I've had people hit me in it and not to mention all the scrapes. I took the car off road a couple times and in high school a couple of girls thought it would be fun to mess with my car.
  • Chevy CAV 2001 and its still running from the guy who bought it off mee! BOOO! I travel alot for work so I needed a newer reliable car but still it makes me sick knowing its running and im paying car payments! 

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    my 1st car was a 1988 red Buick Lesabre. I got rid of it because my grandpa found a better car for me that one was a 1995 Pontiac Bonniville (I loved my bonni but i ended up totaling it on my way to work in the winter after a couple years of having it). i had the buick for a couple years before i got the pontiac

  • My first car was a 1994 navy blue Honda Prelude and I LOVED that car!  I got rid of it in 2008 because it was old... though it truly did not look/drive like a 14-yr old car.  It only had like 70K miles on it and was in great shape! 

  • My first car was a 1984 Ford Escort hatchback in "khaki" (tan, but I liked calling it khaki). It had belonged to my grandmother's upstairs neighbor, and they driven it down from Alaska! It was a 4 speed stick shift, no power anything or AC, and the gas gauge didn't work. I drove it for a few years and finally got rid of it because it burned oil and was rotted. I was thrilled to see that piece of crap go.
    hahaha, my mom's car was a ford escort in "Mocha Frost." I told that to a guy one day when I was getting an oil change... he just looked at me and was like, what color is it really? I said tan...  :))
  • The first car registered in my name was my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire ('light sandrift' I think? Aka tan.)

    My ex-bf bought a couple of cars in my name, including the 2000 Mercury mountaineer that I loved. When the manure hit the fan in my life (2004 ish), I took that from him, and sold my Sunfire, since it was in my name anyway and I was pretty sure the Sunfire want going to survive the drive back to CT.

    The car I bought for myself was my 2001 Saab 9-3. I bought it in 2006, and it lasted 2 years before a repair was going to cost more than the car did.

    I the first New car I bought for myself was my 2008 hyundai elantra, which I paid off last month! Wahooooo!

    I have lots of first cars :)


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  • WHY is there no way to cancel a post? Stupid thing.....


    Zamboni...I had a '99 Saab 9-3. It lasted me two years, too! Loved that car.

  • 99 white Toyota Corolla. I would still have it because it was low milage, and in perfect condition, but I got in a bad accident 3months after I got it (not my fault) and the car was a write off.
  • 1987 white Toyota camry. Good car but leaked oil :/ and no AC. That sucked


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  • My first car was a Chevrolet Citation. I honestly do not remember what year it was. It was a car we bought for 100 dollars from my great aunt when my bro got his license. I got rid of it because it wasn't that great of a car and I bought the car my brother was driving to replace it.
  • A Teal 99 Poantic Sunfire. I got rid of it when the mileage got close to 100K and got a Chevy Silverado.
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  • A 1995 red Saturn sl1. Great little car. My parents helped my buy it when I was in grade 12 and had a basically full time job after school. I had to pay them back out of every cheque but I loved it. My first new car was a 2005 Suzuki grand vitara. I've really like all of my cars. Been sad to see any of them go!
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  • My first car was a 1993 white Nissan Sentra. The passenger side window didn't roll down and the trunk didn't open. I only had it for a few months until the timing belt snapped while I was driving it on the highway. It was a disaster! It started smoking and wouldn't go over 20 mph. My brother had to come get me. Then I got a 1993 green Toyota Camry which I loved but, like @Invane00, it had no AC and leather seats! So I drove that around for awhile until I, like @spalko, bought myself a 2007 Chevy Colbalt. I drove that until I got pregnant and traded it in for an SUV.
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