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Starting over and going green!

My family and I just put in an offer in a home. We are moving from an apartment in the city, so a single family home in the suburbs. I have all these ideas of going green and living simply that I am feeling overwhelmed. I need some guidence. I need a map, or a check list even! I just want to move in going green. I guess I can start with paint. Are their such things as green paint? We will have to clean before moving in as well. Can I make my own cleaning products? I am not in the position to do the whole solar panel thing yet. but just little things ya know.

Re: Starting over and going green!

  • Just take one step at a time--don't feel like you have to do everything at once.  You'll get there! :)

    You can buy low VOC paint, can't think of a specific brand off the top of my head.

    As far as cleaning--all you really need is vinegar, baking soda and castille soap.  Don't overpay for all of those "green" cleaners at the store.  You can make your own safe cleaners for much less money, and wasting much less packaging.

    I mix vinegar and water (50:50) to clean the counters, shower, surfaces, etc.  Baking soda is good for the toilet, stove top, anything that needs scrubbing.

    In terms of food/kitchen, I would try to get rid of any plastic food storage containers, and use glass or stainless steel instead.  Certain chemicals in the plastics (even BPA-free) can leach out when being reheated.  I would think that would be a good one to do with a move, because those plastic take out containers tend to accumulate :)  If you are using non-stick teflon coated pans, I would also suggest replacing them with a cast iron skillet, which is cheap (about $20), lasts forever, and is naturally non-stick.

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    • Turn off the lights
    • Turn down the heat
    • Support food recovery programs
    • Share a car
    • Get out and ride
    • Avoid using paper plates for food in your dorm room
  • 1. Influence Your Friends, Family, and Community
    2. Eat Green
    3. Minimize Your Carbon Footprint
    4. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products: Use energy efficient LED Light bulbs
  • It is very good to use Eco-friendly products. Try to minimize the use of plastic and polythene.  Try to use natural products.  It is good initiative for energy conservation.

  • From carpet to hardwood floors, renovate everything and go green. Buy eco-friendly products for your home like paints without VOCs, use energy efficient  CFL & LED bulbs.
  • Thanks everyone. I will start off small, with light bulbs, and cleaners. I'll slowly work my way up.

  • Ditto on removing all plastic and BPA music11!! I cringe every time I see someone heat up toxic plastics in the microwave especially!
    I also use cast iron skillets and haven't used ***gasp*** teflon in years.
    HouseofGreen, I have discovered a company through which you can "go green" affordably, with many items used daily around your home. When I made the switch about 4 years ago, I went to a local organic, "health food" type store, and spent a fortune on everything from dish detergent to facial cleanser, after throwing out everything with what I had discovered were toxins. I wish I had known about this company I've found years ago. I would have saved a ton of money. If you're interested, just private message me. 
    That's awesome you've made the decision to go green. Stick to it and DON'T get overwhelmed by the fact that toxins are in almost everything... there's ALWAYS an alternative!
  • Get an energy audit done on your house by your local utility company. 
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