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How do you like military (family) life?

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Hi! My fiance just retired from the Guard (31B) and is considering going Active (Army). I think it is a good idea, but am concerned about the security (finances, community, etc.). He grew up in a military family, however his mom was divorced by the time he was old enough to fully understand it all. Most of the information I've gotten about it has been through him and his friend who recently graduated from basic for the second time and is now an 89D. I've read up on the financial aspects, as well as talked to his mom and a recruiter, but I'm curious to hear from those who are living it today. I've heard recruiters are very good at stretching the truth, and I don't know where to even begin in looking things up for myself, as far as reputable sources. We both want a big family, and everyone I've talked to is either single or doesn't have many kids.

Any input you have on going Active with a family would be greatly appreciated. I'm not asking for dollar amounts (that's personal), but I would like to know if you think it was a good decision for your family or lifestyle and what you think of the whole experience, if you don't mind.

Thanks so much (both for your responses and sacrifices for this country)!

Re: How do you like military (family) life?

  • Do you mean he has served 20+ years in the Guard and now wants to go Active?  Or do you mean he served in the guard until his contract ended and now he wants to go Active?  I'm going to assume you mean he's served out a contract, has been discharged and wants to re-enlist.  Frankly, it would have been a lot easier for him to do before discharge.  Wether he can get back in depends on his age and what he wants to do.  With draw down and such, they aren't letting as many people in, especially prior service.  

    As far as if it is a good choice, that depends on each individual family.  We have been afforded many opportunities as a military family.  We've met wonderful people and pretty much have people who we consider family all over the world.  You can look up things like base pay, BAH pay and military housing online for an idea of those things.  You must be open minded.  You must have a positive attitude.  You must understand that there are very few jobs in the military that are "normal" jobs.  My husband leaves at 5am and often doesn't get home until 6 or 7 in the evening.  If your husband decides to stick with 31B (my MOS), he'll have long days, as well.  

    Do you have any specific questions?  

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  • My husband was active duty USMC for 5 years. We loved majority of the military life. He tried to reenlist but his job was closed out. After a long miserable year, he finally decided to go National Guard. And within the first weekend of drill, I had heard my husband say how he missed that life atleast 5 times. Between the insurance, pay and benefits it really is a nice lifestyle money wise. Although long hours, deployments and moving is hard. We've met some of the best people we could have asked for in our lives, which makes being away from family way easier. He's going to try to get an active duty package submitted asap, bc we miss it so much. Hope you guys find what's right for you and good luck!
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  • I just joined the Guard and MH is AD USMC. We moved to BFE in a state I'd never thought I'd be in, but it's been great for us and me. We don't have kids and won't as long as H is on the duty he's on, but the only thing that annoys me is being the sole caretaker for the dogs. He's taking over for that in a few weeks though!

    I'm going to be frank. I worked with recruiters/selections officers for three different branches. Not one of them lied to me or even mislead me. I'd be shocked if your H could go active now, especially with that MOS. It's just not high needs, there isn't a lot of special skill involved (no disrespect intended, it's my enlisted MOS by choice, though I'm a contract 09S). And especially if he actually retired as opposed to finished his contract. They don't let old people (I'm considered older) into AD for the first time in this climate. 
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