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Soup shooters

I want to do some pumpkin soup shooters for Christmas eve, but I can't figure out the logistics.  It's a self serve table so I was thinking a crock pot for the soup, but I can't figure out the glasses.  Maybe small plastic cups?  But then I think I might need spoons, and would plastic with hot soup be bad? 

Any thoughts?

Re: Soup shooters

  • I wouldn't do plastic.  Small glasses (think plain shot glasses or cordial glasses) may work out well.

    Check out this link:


  • I should have mentioned there will be 50+ at the party.  I'd hate to buy glass for that many.
  • Hmm, you'll need something insulated, so I wouldn't do plastic unless it's thick and sturdy.

    Since Xmas eve is right around the corner, I might just suggest small bowls with spoons.

    Here's another idea ( I don't realy know if this idea if this would work, so please don't be afraid to tell me if this idea is dumb). You know how you can serve soups/stews/chili's in big bread bowls?  Can you find smaller rolls of a similar consistency and serve the soup in that?

  • The bread bowl would be cute if there were fewer people.  That sounds daunting for 50 people.
  • Well I was thinking you might be able to pick up some prepackaged rolls at Costco, I think they are pretty inexpensive, but it would take up a ton of space.
  • my sil did this for us at our engagement party. it was fun. she got glasses cheap from ikea.

  • I would check a restaurant or bar supply store. I use them occasionally for my events and they can possibly provide you warehouse price.
  • demitasse cups or shot glasses
  • I'd check with a catering company to see if you could rent something suitable.  I'd hate to buy something for 50 guests and then have to find something to do with it afterward!
  • what about a heavier paper cup like you could use for coffee? anything that could work for coffee would work for soup, too..... i love the idea and hope you are able to find something that would work!
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  • I second the paper cups for coffee. Starbucks frequently has small paper cups for samples. Something like that would work great.
  • Thanks I'll.  I found some small paper coffee cups.  We'll see how it works.  I bought spoons just in case though.
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