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Will Tiffany sell me a replacement earring?

I lost one of my Tiffany earrings that my DH gave me for our anniversary. I am so upset...

Will they sell me one earring? I know this sounds stupid, but I am hoping they will...


Re: Will Tiffany sell me a replacement earring?

  • I doubt they will. ?You should contact customer service though. ?Something to think about though, if they are sterling silver...the new earring will probably look a lot different than the old.?
  • Random - what is it? ?I have one Elsa Peretti open heart earring thats been sitting in my jewelry box for years, lol. ?
  • I think they will. A friend of mine lost one of her ss ball earring and was able to buy one replacement a few years ago.
  • Do you have them insured? It's always good to schedule your nice jewelry on your homeowners policy - it should cover you if you lose something.

    Something to think about for the future. Check with your agent.


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  • Thanks, ladies...Sadly, this is the 2nd time I've lost one. I lost a mesh hoop last year, and I lost a silver ball this week. I don't know why I have such bad luck with jewelry! LOL!
    DH doesn't know about the silver ball...I know if he found out I lost another earring he probably wouldn't buy me any more. ;-) Although it's easy to find a knockoff silver ball earring...but the mesh one is more unique.

    Thanks for your help.

  • image KelXoXo:
    Random - what is it?  I have one Elsa Peretti open heart earring thats been sitting in my jewelry box for years, lol.

     Haha me too.

  • KelXoXo,
    Me too. Is yours gold or silver?
  • Many shop sell only one earrings instead of a pair. You can ask customer service and find if there is way for your situation.
  • I lost a ss ball earring from Tiffany's a while back, and I called to ask them this same question. Yes, you can order one earring, but you have to go to the store to order it and you need to bring in the remaining one with you.

    This was at King of Prussia mall, and I want to say it was around $50 for the replacement. I just never got around to of these days!


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  • Yes, they will sell you a replacement.  Take your remaining earring in with you.  I lost one of my silver balls last summer.  They actually sent it out to order a replacement and cleaned the other one...around $60, I think.  It took a couple of weeks, but now I have a complete set again and they gave me some replacement backs for free (silver is super-soft, so it will wear as you wear it). 
  • Do you still have the random earring ??
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