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Standard Poodle and snowy/cold climates?

We would like to get a dog in the future and a Standard Poodle is on our list.  I have read differing info on how often they need to be exercised.  We live in a snowy climate were there is snow on the ground most of the winter and can get quite cold outside (well below freezing some days.)  I am kind of nervous about walking and exercising a Standard Poodle in this type of weather as they don't have an undercoat.  Would a sweater/boots be enough?  I am not sure if a different breed would be better suited for us.

Maybe I am totally overthinking this whole thing=P

Thank you=)


Re: Standard Poodle and snowy/cold climates?

  • I don't have any poodle experience, but good for you for making sure a dog you are interested in suits your climate and lifestyle FIRST!
  • Overthinking. Smile

    My sister has a Standard Poodle, I have a Portuguese Water Dog (similar to a poodle) and we live in WI.  They do just fine in the cold - no sweater, no boots for either of them.

    The only thing we really do differently is we let his coat stay a little longer - which means more frequent grooming or he'll mat - but other than that we've never had a problem. In fact they love this weather, being able to play in the snow and the cold.  It's us weak humans who have the most issues. Big Smile

  • Poodles are hunting dogs (standard poodles, anyway) - we have a few in our obedience class and they never seem to be cold. Their owner lets them go au natural this time of year, though - she doesn't give them the poodle cut.

    It might work if you got the dog a coat, but honestly, I think it should be fine. It it turns out to be anything like my hunting dogs, it will LOVE the cold weather.


    (Also, FYI - I lurve standard poodles. They are so pretty - and if you are going to hunt with it, that's even cooler. There's nothing as neat as watching a poodle jump into a lake after a duck). 

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  • I'll just assume that everyone else is right on the weather thing.  I just want to say that I love Standard Poodles! 
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  • My SIL has a standard poodle in northern MN, and I don't believe they ever put anything on him like a sweater or anything.

    Actually, standard poodles are used for hunting a lot in some colder areas, so I wouldn't worry too much.

    Edited to add: just realized that a PP mentioned the hunting thing. LOL

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