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How can I donate my dishwasher?

I got a new one and want to donate the old one, it works fine.  Anyone know of a charity/organization that will come get it?

Re: How can I donate my dishwasher?

  • I don't know if they come and get it, but I know Habitat (near Santa Fe and I-25) takes them. 

    I had good luck selling even crappy appliances on Craigslist.  If nobody will pick it up, maybe you could sell it on there and donate the money to somebody?

  • ashlee!!!  we sold our crappy dishwasher on CL for $75 or $50!!!  i think habitat likes new...  maybe goodwill/ARC?
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  • Holy crap, $75?  That sounds like a way better donation...
  • We donated ours to Habitat for Humanity's thrift store.  They take a $10 deposit until they know it actually works (to keep people from dumping their crap, I guess), and I feel better knowing that the sale of it might do someone some good.
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  • Habitat only takes them a certain number of years old, because we tried to donate ours last year and it was too old.
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