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OK so did anyone watch it? I missed it, but I'm just curious as to how it was.


One girl asked about this on the ML board yesterday or something & got flammed for being so young and "getting married so young" YIKES! lol

Re: Britney

  • I watched a few minutes of it. It was nothing earth shattering, and I'm glad to see how healthy she looks.
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  • I saw a few minutes of it - and hit record so I may end up watching all of it

    I thought she looked really good - I agree with the healthier part.

  • I watched it too. I am glad to see her looking healthy and put together again. It did, however, make me very, very sad for her. I hope she finds happiness eventually.

     I also may or may not be listening to Circus on AOL right now Embarrassed

  • She did look good they said no question would go unasked but i was sure there were a few missing.. i think shes just a small town girl that has had a really hard time getting used to the fame :(?


  • I watched; it made me really sad for her, but I've felt that way for a while.  I do like the new album and think it will do well. I hope that eventually she can be a bit more "normal" in her fame.  There are a lot of famous people who lead relatively ordinary lives.  Maybe she can do that if she keeps herself together.
  • Anyone heard the Bebo Norman song "Britney"?
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  • image CarlaAndJames:
    Anyone heard the Bebo Norman song "Britney"?

     Yes, it's a GREAT song

  • I saw it and like others have already said, it made me sad for her too. But if one truly desires a life out of the "spotlight" why make a documentary? Don't get me wrong, I like her music but some of the things she said were just crazy. Did you hear the comment about the head shaving ... "people do it all of the time!"  Is she serious?

    Though the paparrazzi scenes were really intense.

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