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I welcome flames into this post! (dog-related and LONG)

Well, not really - but after tonight's posts, I sort of expect it. 

After A LOT of long talks, thousands of dollars in both behavoral and holistic therapy, and a lot of tears, Jeff and I have decided to re-home Freddie (the soft-coated wheaten terrier mix we rescued in February). We tried. It's been 10 months, with the last two months me pretty much being terrified to do much more than pet him on the head every once and a while. We've spent on both a behavorist (that Denverite recommended) as well as a holistic trainer, and both of them said that they did pretty much all they could do for his aggression towards me.  Nice.

Anyway, the last straw was on Thanksgiving. He had dug up this old bone from my sister's yard, and I didn't want him to have it, as he had already had a big-ass bone that afternoon (and I didn't want him to get the runs in my sister's house). My dad and I walked outside to tell him to drop it, and surprisingly he did. I walked toward him to grab it, and when I reached down for it, he charged at me and grabbed a hold of my wrist, and would not let go. He went through a long sleeved t-shirt, thick sweater, and put four teeth into my wrist, and held on - it scared the living shit out of me. I really don't think he would have let go if my dad didn't run over to help me (that spooked him). The bruising and bite marks are still really bad two days later, and measure about 3 inches across both ways.  This was the 9th or 10th time he has bitten me since about April, and it just seems like the biting episodes keep getting worse and worse.

As if that wasn't bad enough, yesterday we kept him outside (just in case) when my sister, Kristy's, two nieces were at her house (I think they are 5 and almost 2), and Destiny, Kristy's SIL, said we could bring him in b/c it was getting chilly. Not more than 10 minutes after he came in, out of the blue, and not being provoked by anything or anyone, he lunged at the 5-year old, Brea, and ripped a big ole' hole in her dress. Thank GOD she wasn't hurt, but she was really scared - she must have cried for an hour. Anyway, that sealed the deal for us. I cannot take a chance that Freddie is going to do something like that to my nephew, my friend's children, or BoGo when they get here.

We will be looking first at breed-specific rescues, and also asking around to see if any single dudes with no kids are looking for a dog, because I KNOW Freddie can't be around kids, and I also know that he has a major problem with me, so maybe he's freaked out by women...I don't know. We will not just dump him at a shelter (I hope you would all know me better than that), because they would put him down in a heartbeat after the aggression tests they usually do at most shelters. I don't want that. Freddie is a good dog, and when he's not snapping/biting me, he just has the sweetest disposition - you would really never know he does what he does.  I guess he just has some problem in his hard-wiring...all I know is that when two separate area-renowned trainers tell me that there's nothing else they can do for me, I don't know what else to do...

It absolutely breaks my heart to have to do this, but I would never be able to forgive myself if something happened to one of my children, or one of my friends' kids. 

Any suggestions/comments are welcome.


Re: I welcome flames into this post! (dog-related and LONG)

  • I think, as you said, you've tried absolutely everything and have gone farther then most owners would have to make it a livable situation.  I hope you have good luck in finding a home for him, and I'm sorry it had to come to this.  But you're absolutely right - better to take this step then to take further risks.
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  • WOW Kerry - I'm so sorry you've have to deal with this. I don't have any suggestions at the moment but if I come across anything, I will send it your way. Take care and I hope your wrist is better soon.
  • i'm sorry sweetie.  HUGS
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  • Hugs!  I'm sorry Kerry!
    Melissa ~ DS Ladik
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  • I know I've talked to you about this before, so no flames.  You really did try everything.  (So doggy prozac didn't work either?)

    I'm so sorry, both for you and Freddie.

    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • Kerry, I am so sorry you are having to do this and even more sorry for what has happened to you.  I know this has been a really hard decision for you guys.  You've told me about all the work you've done and sometimes I think there just isn't any other option.  The safety of you and BoGo is what is most important now!  ((HUGS)))
  • I really hope you don't get flamed for this Kerry. We all know how much you love your animals. It's clear that you have gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to keep Freddie in your home. It sounds like you are making the right choice for your family. It's great that you are working hard to find him a good home. That's all you can do. I wouldn't beat myself up too much if I were you. You did your best.

    Take care! I hope to see you soon!

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  • I just got home from work, so I'm not up to speed on tonights posts, so I'm just jumping in here...

    I think you're being very responsible, both for Freddie and your family.  You're not dumping him anywhere, you're finding him a good home, you've tried multiple trainers...Maybe your home isn't his perfect home, but you're helping him find it and helping make him happy, as well.  It's not like you're taking a long time family pet who is well behaved and devoted and kicking him out because you don't have room anymore. 

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  • Oh, Kerry.   It really is a safety issue at this point. I'm so sorry.


  • Oh, and here's a pic from today, after a lot of ice and Neosporin...


  • image lovemy2boys:

    Oh, and here's a pic from today, after a lot of ice and Neosporin...


    Kerry, I am sooo sorry! I would be freaked out too.

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  • Wow, that looks painful! I'm sorry you are having to go through this, I hope you guys find a nice place for Freddie soon.
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  • I'm sorry :(  I know you've done everything you could, and I know you really do care about him for actually doing everything you could.  I'm glad no one was REALLY hurt (though your bite marks and bruise look pretty nasty).
  • image pixy_stix:

    I know I've talked to you about this before, so no flames.  You really did try everything.  (So doggy prozac didn't work either?)

    I'm so sorry, both for you and Freddie.

    He was on the doggy prozac for almost four weeks when this happened, so I'm assuming it didn't work.  Kari (the behavorist we were working with) said the drugs should kick in after about 2 weeks.

  • Big, big hugs

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  • I'm still kind of lurking from Pets, and I obviously don't know the full background of the dog, but if the dog is as aggressive as he appears, perhaps you should reconsider placing him in another home and instead have him euthanized.  It would be kinder to the dog to be pts while with his family that loves him.  If you find him a new home, who knows where he may eventually end up or who he may bite along the way.

    If you adopted from a rescue (as opposed to a shelter), check your contract - you may be required to return him to them.  Even if you're not required, contact them and see if they're willing to help you.

    It sounds like you've exhausted your resources.  GL with your decision, whatever it may be.

  • Well, I just saw your response to me in the other post.  Like I said, I don't know the background on this dog, but from what I've read (only the information in your post above), it is irresponsible to re-home a known human-aggressive animal.  It is my OPINION that it is much kinder to put them to sleep with the family they love - and that loves them, which is very evident in your case.

    What happens if you put this dog in another home, and he bites someone else.  They then find a new home for him, and he bites someone in that home.  Only that home is abusive and beats him for it.  Or eventually he'll end up at the shelter, and a human-aggressive dog in a shelter is awaiting his death there - shelters can't adopt them out for liability reasons.

    I'm not trying to be mean.  I'm telling you what I would do, given the (very) limited information that I know about your situation.

  • I am so sorry that you are in this position, K.  I know that you guys have done all you can, and I can't say I blame you.  I hope that you are able to find a good home for Freddie.

    I know that it's not the best thing to talk about, but maybe the answer is to have him put down.  If professionals are out of options, it would be a liability to have him in another home.  I would hate to find out that he hurt someone else in his new home.

    I'm so sorry.  ((hugs))

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  • i am sorry about your dogSad
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  • Wow, those sound like big bite marks.  Sounds like you are doing the best for your family and your dog.  Good luck finding him a home. 

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  • GEEZUS Kerry!!!  That's a bad bite.  I'm just glad you're ok.  You are making a wise decision and we all know you did not take it lightly.

  • oo

    I'm so sorry.  What a terrible situation. :-( 

  • I remember how excited you were when you got him. I am so sorry you had to make this decision but it sounds like it is the best one for your family.

    DS 09/08


  • sigh... I agree with MelP.  I don't think you're going to find a rescue that will take in an aggressive dog with a bite history.  It might be best for all involved to euthanize him.

    MelP, a little background: She got the dog off of craigslist with very little history, and the history she did get was wrong. The dog has been bounced from shelter and owners almost his whole life.

    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • I am so sorry you have to make this decision and I know you guys have not come about it lightly.
  • Oh, man, Kerry.  I'm so sorry.  Dog bites are really f'ing scary.  A dog with a history of biting is really difficult to find a home for (I'm guessing this is why you and Jeff were lied to about Freddie.)  Do the trainers you've worked with think that he is safe around men?  If they aren't sure, then euthanasia might be the best option as absolutely f'ing shitty as that is.
  • Sending big hugs!!!  It sounds like you've done all that you've can and are making the decision that is best for your family as well as for Freddie
  • I'm so sorry you are going through this. 
  • No flames here.   I do hope you find a good home for him soon and that you stay safe in the meantime.



  • I'm so sorry!!  I can't even imagine what you're going through.  Left Hug
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