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Where do you buy your cosmetics?

Yep, editing my original post to maintain secrecy since I can't DD it.  Feel free to follow suit - and thanks for your responses!
Waiting for some innocuous creativity... I'll let you know.

Re: Where do you buy your cosmetics?

  • Please check out this website before you look at a breeder.. they have a ton of dogs who need loving homes, including a few pugs

  • I have more, but a quick link to how to find a good breeder:

    The only thing I know about pugs is that they are funny, snort, and can be high energy.  They can also have a myriad of health problems.

    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • I believe they're susceptible to the same sorts of problems that bulldogs are because of the shorter nose/ear canals.  That said, I know a handful of people who have them and love them.
  • I have no clue, but I think pugs are freaking adorable!!!
  • Animal Plant Dog 101 did a special on pugs - they seem to be great dogs but with the potential for high vet bills.  maybe you can google the episode or something.
  • My brother has one- it is a great, funny dog. It is a very small dog, about 12 lbs, but with a huge personality. He acts like a big dog- not yappy at all.  My whole family loves him- highly entertaining, and smart too.  He helps my mom herd sheep (who knew?).  It is also nice to have a dog small enough to take with you (in the car, etc).

    Bad stuff- They are very hairy, and they shed a lot- especially when stressed, I've heard.  You have to really watch their weight if you don't want health problems- with breathing, snoring, etc.  He does make a lot of noises- we call it the "snarfle", but he does not wheeze or snore because he's in good shape.  They pretty headstrong, and are not particularly easy to train.  Yeager is not especially interested in food- so it is hard to train him with treats.   I think you also have to watch out for small dog behavior problems too (discipline is key- if you wouldn't let a big dog do it, don't let your small dog do it).  No problems with Yeager, but I expect it could be an issue.

  • I have friends who have had one for a while now and just had baby #2 - as far as I know, he's great with kids as well as other dogs. GL!
  • I don't know the original question, but see siggy! Big Smile

    I love my Pug, he's such a good boy and so great.  He definitely sheds A LOT and is high strung and a little hard to train, but they are great dogs and really like anyone (person, animal).  Our pug doesn't have any serious illnesses so far (he's 4 1/2) but they can have a lot of issues, especially if they are overweight or left outside often and/or for long periods of time.

    Page me if you have more questions.  We got him from a breeder in Kansas actually, from a farm.

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