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ways to make money

I know this has been asked before... Any ideas for making extra money?

My husband and I are doing invetro as you know, but the cost of it is pretty high and we need some help. WE have to pay up front, which is the problem. It cost about 15,000, and that is after insurance pays 50% of the costs. I have 2 jobs, I am a social worker and I do sex parties. My husband has 1 job, might look for a second. We make enough to pay our bills, and have extra saved, just not enough for this loan. Are there any creative ways to make some extra money? I thought about doing a fundraising event, but I feel weird doing it for myself.

Re: ways to make money

  • a friend of mine is on a facebook and is doing a fundraiser for her adoption costs...I believe they are selling calendars right now to raise money...i see no shame in it..People have no idea how expensive IF and adoption can be...I also had another friend, who had a friend doing IVF, and she  threw them a beef and beer ......Maybe you could get a friend or family member to do this...I believe they raised a few thousand from the beef and beer...GL
  • Beef and beer party? Also, did they make their own calendars?
  • I don't think so...I think they were from a fundraiser company...They get a % of the calendar sales
  • Oh and beef and beers are big around here...You charge a fee to get in and then you serve some sort of food and beer...the ones i have been to usually have roast beef sandwiches or that type of thing...Some have DJs...I went to one where they did a 50/50 with all the people that came to raise some extra cash
  • I dont know what to suggest.  I teach full time, also do sex parties, and tutor on the side.  I also used to sell roses in nightclubs (too old for that now), DH works full time and used to bounce in clubs, so I know how it is to work a zillion different angles to try and make ends meet.  I just wanted to say I hope you get the funds you need to make this dream a reality for ya!  Good luck!
  • I'm not sure how many sex toy parties you do per month, but I just started selling Premier Designs jewelry and you make 50% of each show. I had my "training" show today and the retail was over $600, so I'll make half of that. If you're interested, send me an email. ryanandtoni531 at

    Beef & Beer is a good idea, too if you think you can get enough people to come.

  • working in a bar or serving food? You can pick up some extra night or morning shifts in the weekend for fast cash.
  • Become a "good credit" partner. The easiest money I have made during retirement.  Risk free.

    Make $20,000 to $80,000 a year depending on credit.


    Get a sign on bonus up to 5k


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