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It's Christmas at my house!

Last year we bought new living room furniture and no longer had room for a tree in our apartment. This year we have a house and we have room again to put the tree up. I LOVE Christmas!

DH also made "Christmas Spice" coffee....ground nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and a bit of cocoa powder added to the grounds. 

Re: It's Christmas at my house!

  • Yay! Did you get a tree? A is so funny, he wanted to put our tree up yesterday (its fake) and he put on Christmas music while we decorated. I have almost all my decor up.
  • We have a fake one, too. I can't have a real tree. Last year we bought a small three foot tree and set it up on an end table, so this year since we were able to put the big one up again, we put the little one in our bedroom. I love it!
  • Awww, yay! Congratulations! I can't wait to get a tree for my house!!!!! I want a big one- just because I can, lol!  I want a real tree- hopefully my cats won't destroy it, lol!
    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • Wow. Christmas decorations already? Good job!! I really should get on it since I have a feeling I will be running out of time. ;)
  • Wow Kristy just looked at your ticker and realized how close you really are!!!!

    We're still in the midst of bathroom renovation so maybe when that's done we'll start decorating. Although I think I'm still in denial that it's almost December...where does the time go! 

  • Noosh-I can't believe it either. It's very surreal.


  • I'm so jealous. I really wanted to get out our decorations but the house is just too much of a mess. Plus we aren't going to get our tree till a little closer to xmas. I really don't feel like keeping Isabel away from the tree for a whole month.

    Kristy-wow it really is getting time. So exciting!!

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